March 30–April 1st 2017 – Collegio Carlo Alberto, Moncalieri/Turin (Italy)

Press Conference with Chiara Appendino (Mayor of Turin, center)
Group photo FIM2017
Welcome address by the Chair of IPCC
Luca Mercalli (SMI)
Group photo FIM2017
Jean-Noel Thepaut (ECMWF)
Michael Williams (WMO)
Climate Village by Centro Epson Meteo

With the support of the World Meteorological Organization, the IPCC and the Italian Meteorological Society, this Media-Workshop has been an opportunity to discuss communication strategies at the international level. Gathering almost 100 participants from 50 countries (weather presenters, representative of international, european and italian organizations), the objective was conduct an in-depth reflection on how to communicate more effectively on climate change, towards viewers but also policy-makers.

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Day animated by Marina Raibaldi France 3 Corse – Via Stella

09.15 – Welcome address
Paolo Montagna Mayor of Moncalieri
Luca Mercalli Chair of the Italian Meteorological Society

09.30 – The perception of climate change | PRESENTATION
Annamaria Lammel Doctor in cognitive science, Université Paris-8, France

10.00-04:00 – Discussion groups (15-20 participants and 1 rapporteur per group)
• “Communicating extreme weather events” – Rapporteur: Patrick de Bellefeuille MeteoMedia, Canada
• “Global warming and sea level rise”- Rapporteur: José Rubiera CubaVisión TV, Cuba
• “Climate change & developing countries: communication, adaptation and impacts”- Rapporteur: Samuel Muchemi WMO
• “International Conferences and Agreements: usefulness and enactment”- Rapporteur: Michael Williams WMO

04.00 – Synthesis of the discussions by the rapporteurs | PLENARY SESSION

04.30 – Difficulties in communicating Climate Change in the major Information Media | PRESENTATION
Raffaele Salerno Centro Epson Meteo and Andrea Giuliacci Centro Epson Meteo –

05.00 – Departure to Turin for a visit of the “Climate Village” (initiative of Centro Epson Meteo)

05.30 – Worldwide Weather Clips Compilation at the Climate Village  | SCREENING SESSION


09.15 – Greetings
Hoesung Lee Chair of the IPCC

09.30 – Communication issues – constraints and opportunities | PRESENTATION
Tim Nuthall European Climate Foundation

10.00 – Communicating climate change: what next? | ROUNDTABLE
Michael Williams World Meteorological Organization, Jill Peeters VTMNieuws,  Bernadette Woods-Placky Climate Central, Jesper Theilgaard DBC

12.00 – Copernicus – Tackling climate change and offering data that benefits the world | PRESENTATION
Jean-Noël Thépaut Head of Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), ECMWF

12.30 – Climate from Space: visualising satellite data | INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION
Cat Downy ESA Climate Office

02.30 – Recent scientific advances in the attribution of extreme weather events | INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP
Julie Arrighi Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre and Tim Nuthall European Climate Foundation

04.00 – Departure to Turin for a visit of the Società Metropolitana Acque Torino Research Center | VISIT


Visit of the Agenzia di Pollenzo – Presentation of the international initiative Slow Food